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Welcome to Steamboat Wharf Sauna, a serene getaway nestled in the picturesque woods of Stockton Springs, Maine. Overlooking the majestic Penobscot River, our sauna rental service is an extension of our beloved cabin rental business, designed to offer our guests and community an unparalleled experience of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Founded by the Weidner family, Steamboat Wharf Sauna is more than just a business; it’s a passion project born from our belief in the profound health benefits of sauna use. As proponents of holistic wellness, we’ve seen firsthand how a sauna session can not only detoxify the body but also calm the mind, foster connection, and encourage a deep engagement with the natural world around us.

Our journey began with a vision to enhance the cabin getaway experience for our guests by providing something truly unique— a chance to immerse in the tranquility of our wooded haven through the warmth of a sauna. Every plank and nail of our saunas has been placed with care by our hands, embodying our family’s dedication to creating a space where individuals can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect with their inner selves and the beauty of nature.

At Steamboat Wharf Sauna, we offer more than just a sauna experience; we offer a gateway to relaxation and well-being, inspired by and integrated with the natural landscape of Maine. Our location provides the perfect backdrop for your sauna retreat, allowing you to absorb the serenity of the river and the forest as you unwind.

We are proud to open our doors to our neighbors, our cabin guests, and the broader community, inviting everyone to explore the holistic benefits of sauna use. Whether you’re a seasoned sauna enthusiast or new to the experience, we welcome you to join us at Steamboat Wharf Sauna for a moment of peace, a breath of fresh air, and an opportunity to nurture your health in the company of nature.

Thank you for considering Steamboat Wharf Sauna for your next retreat into wellness. We, the Weidner’s, look forward to sharing our slice of paradise with you.

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What we provide
  • 90 minute session
  • Stoked stove
  • Fresh towels
  • Space for up to 4 people
  • Small changing room
  • Water bucket and ladle
  • 150-205 ℉ 
  • Cold Plunge
  • Water and cups
How to prepare for your Sauna Session
  • Hydrate
  • Light snack
  • Dress in a swimsuit
  • Beach footwear
  • Remove metal Jewelry
  • Bring minimal possessions
  • No drugs or alcohol
  • No phones
  • Unplug
  • Take it easy and relax
Cancellation and rescheduling
  • 3 days + notice – Full refund minus processing fees or reschedule your session
  • 3 days – 24 hour notice – Reschedule session
  • Less than 24 hour notice –  No refund and non transferable

Sauna Use Guidelines

Welcome to Steamboat Wharf Sauna. For your safety and enjoyment, as well as the comfort of others, we kindly request that you adhere to the following guidelines during your visit:

Hydration and Health:

  • Stay Hydrated: It is crucial to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your sauna session to avoid dehydration caused by excessive sweating.
  • Know Your Limits: Listen to your body. If you feel lightheaded, dizzy, or unwell, exit the sauna immediately to prevent overheating or other health risks. We encourage a cycle of heating and cooling, by spending a few minutes in the heat, then exiting to cool off, repeated throughout your session.
  • Medical Considerations: Consult with your doctor before using the sauna if you have heart problems, high blood pressure, respiratory issues, or any underlying health conditions. Saunas can increase cardiovascular strain. Additionally, pregnant individuals, children, and the elderly should use the sauna with caution and only after consulting a healthcare professional.

Sauna Etiquette:

  • Quiet Enjoyment: Our setting is peaceful, yet close to neighbors. Please keep voices low, close doors softly, and refrain from playing music. Limited cell signal is an opportunity to disconnect; avoid bringing phones into the hot room.
  • Metal Objects: Remove metal jewelry and wire-framed glasses before entering the sauna to avoid burns, as metal can heat up quickly.
  • Time Limit: Begin with short sessions of approximately 5 minutes, gradually increasing your exposure. Avoid prolonged stays. A discreet clock is available in the changing room to monitor time, and a verbal reminder will be provided 10 minutes before your session ends.

Facility Use:

  • Sauna Temperature: Be mindful of the sauna temperature, maintained between 160°F and 200°F. Use the thermometer in the hot room for guidance. Remember, heat rises; the top bench is hottest.
  • Dry or Steam Bath: Customize your experience with a dry or steam bath. Use the wooden ladle to add water to the sauna rocks cautiously for steam, enhancing the heat.
  • Stove Safety: Our staff will manage the stove to maintain optimal temperatures. Please do not adjust the stove, add wood, or open it at any time.
  • Flooring Caution: The sauna floor is designed for drainage but can be slippery when wet. Move cautiously.
  • Use a Towel: To protect your skin, sit or lie on a provided towel inside the sauna.

Clothing and Personal Items:

  • Sauna Clothing: For the comfort and respect of all guests, we require wearing swimsuits in the sauna. Nudity is not allowed to ensure a comfortable environment for everyone. Please use a towel for cleanliness.
  • Personal Items: Avoid bringing valuables or unnecessary items into the sauna areas to maintain a clutter-free environment.

Respect and Responsibility:

  • No Alcohol or Drugs: For your safety, do not consume alcohol or drugs before or during your sauna session. Impairment increases the risk of accidents.
  • Respectful Use: Ensure doors are not blocked and are closed softly. Adhere to our clothing and towel guidelines for hygiene and comfort.
  • Acknowledgment of Risks: By signing this agreement, you acknowledge understanding and compliance with these guidelines for a safe and enjoyable sauna experience.

Waiver and Release of Liability

Steamboat Wharf Sauna’s facilities, equipment, and grounds are restricted to adults 18 years and older. In consideration of being permitted access to Steamboat Wharf Sauna’s equipment, programs, amenities, and services, I agree as follows:

1. Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk – I understand and acknowledge that there is risk involved in being in and around Steamboat Wharf Sauna’s equipment, including, but not limited to, utilizing equipment that may malfunction or break, participating in any exercise or fitness activity, patronizing or using Steamboat Wharf Sauna services, facilities, and/or amenities, participating in programs or activities, and using or being present in and/or around any Steamboat Wharf Sauna equipment while stationary or in transit (towing) or arising from improper maintenance of any equipment or facilities. This includes, without limitation, my use of the changing room, sauna, outdoor stairs, all seating, shower, bath tub, parking area, driveway, sidewalk, outhouse, or any equipment inside or outside of the Steamboat Wharf Sauna equipment and my participation in any activity, class, program, or instruction. I agree that I am voluntarily participating in these activities and using the equipment and premises and assume all risk of injury, the contraction of any illness or medical condition that might result, or any damage, loss, or theft of any personal property, whether any of the foregoing are suffered by me and/or my family members.

a. Assumption of Risk. I agree to assume the risk and full responsibility for any and all injuries, losses, death, costs, the contraction of any illness or medical condition that might result, or other damages, loss, or theft of any personal property that might occur to me and/or my family members while inside or outside of the Steamboat Wharf Sauna equipment, utilizing equipment which may malfunction or break, participating in any exercise or fitness activity, patronizing or using Steamboat Wharf Sauna services, facilities, and/or amenities, participating in programs or activities, using or being present inside and outside of any Steamboat Wharf Sauna equipment, or arising from improper maintenance of any equipment or facilities, my use of the changing room, sauna, outdoor stairs, seating, shower, parking area, sidewalk or any equipment inside or outside of the Steamboat Wharf Sauna equipment, my participation in any activity, class, program, or instruction, and negligence on the part of Steamboat Wharf Sauna, its officers, directors, employer contractors, agents, and other members, including premises liability claims and/or equipment liability claims such as (by example and not by limitation) slip and falls and/or trip and falls inside or outside of any Steamboat Wharf Sauna equipment. (“Losses”).

b. Release of Claims. To the maximum extent allowed by law, I, the undersigned (“I”), agree on my own behalf and on behalf of my family, personal representatives, heirs, executors, administrators, agents, and assigns, to waive and release any and all claims, suits, or related causes of action against Steamboat Wharf Sauna, its owners, officers, employees, or agents (collectively “Steamboat Wharf Sauna”), for all Losses (“Released Claims”). I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I HAVE CAREFULLY READ THIS RELEASE OF CLAIMS AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS A RELEASE OF LIABILITY. I AM WAIVING ANY RIGHT I MAY HAVE TO BRING A LEGAL ACTION TO ASSERT A CLAIM AGAINST Steamboat Wharf Sauna FOR ITS NEGLIGENCE.

2. Indemnification – I agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Steamboat Wharf Sauna harmless, to the maximum extent allowed by law, from negligence, injury, loss, death, costs, or other damages to me, my family members, heirs, or assigns, or third parties for claims, suits, or related causes of action asserted against Steamboat Wharf Sauna arising from my conduct and/or my family’s conduct while inside or outside of Steamboat Wharf Sauna’s equipment or participating in any program or activity and from any of the Losses and Released Claims described in Section 1.

3. Application – I agree that this Release shall apply to each visit I make to Steamboat Wharf Sauna’s equipment and to every instance of my participation in a program or activity, including future visits and participation, regardless of the date that this Release is signed below.

4. Agreement to Comply with Rules – I agree to, and will comply with, the policies of Steamboat Wharf Sauna’s “USE AGREEMENT” posted in hard copy inside of the equipment changing room and available for download at [Steamboat Wharf Sauna’s website]. I acknowledge that Steamboat Wharf Sauna’s policies are subject to change at the sole discretion of Steamboat Wharf Sauna.

5. Binding on Others – This Release shall bind the members of my family and my spouse or registered domestic partner If I am alive, as well as my estate, family, heirs, administrators, personal representatives, or assigns if I am deceased and shall be deemed as a “Release, Waiver, Discharge and Covenant” not to sue Steamboat Wharf Sauna.

6. Severability – I agree that the purpose of this Release is that it shall be an enforceable release of liability and indemnity as broad and inclusive as is permitted by Maine law. I agree that if any portion or provision of this Release is found to be invalid or unenforceable, then the remainder will continue in full force and effect. I also agree that any invalid portion will be modified or partially enforced to the maximum extent permitted by law to carry out the purpose of the Release.

7. Applicable Law, Forum & Attorneys’ Fees – This Release is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Maine, without any reference to its choice of law rules. I agree that any dispute arising from this Release or in any way associated with Steamboat Wharf Sauna doing business within the state of Maine or outside of the state of Maine shall be brought only in the Courts of Knox County, Maine, and I agree to the jurisdiction and venue of those courts for any such dispute. In any litigation in which the validity or enforceability of this Release is contested, I agree that the substantially prevailing party will be entitled to receive all attorney’s fees and costs from the party contesting the validity of this Release. I acknowledge that no oral representations, statements, or other inducements to sign this Release have been made apart from what is contained in this document.


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This document has been prepared for your safety and well-being. Please ensure you have read and understood all guidelines before proceeding with your sauna session.

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